2005 chateau ste. michelle indian wells cabernet sauvignon columbia valley: disappointing. wouldn't get it again.

april 28, 2009: greg and i tried this with grilled pork loins, red potatoes and carrots. at first, greg said he liked it. he said it's a mild cab and the nose has a hint of cherry. when it's poured it has a scent of caramel corn. the more it airs out, he said it seems like the flavor becomes less expressive. victoria thinks this wine is deceptive; with a dark color and a vibrant, cherry nose, it has great initial promise. but the peppery flavor is overwhelmingly acidic and tannic, leaving an impression of more texture than anything else. the overall result leans toward bland and uninteresting, making this a disappointing purchase. the finish is strangled. i wouldn't put this even near the same category as the ben marco and the knights valley beringer, both of which are more substantial cabs worth the effort of constant, continuous sips. on the upside, i'm beginning to understand that, when it comes to cabs, i'm all about the punch. from columbia valley, washington state. 14.2 percent alcohol. roughly $18.

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