2006 frei brothers reserve chardonnay: eh.

feb. 14, 2009: we had the 2006 russian river valley frei brothers reserve chardonnay as part of our valentine's day celebration with fresh boiled lobster. victoria thought it was very buttery and rich. she couldn't finish her glass. greg thought it was rich, and it made his stomach feel very acidic.
feb. 15, 2009: we finished the bottle the next night. victoria served it with a pork dish with a mushroom, potato and sour cream sauce. she thought the chardonnay worked much better this time. the wine wasn't as rich and it had lost most of its buttery flavor. that might have been because it was chilled. it started more acidic and then moved on to being light. victoria thinks it's cherry and lemony. as it warmed up from being in the refrigerator, it became more buttery. about $18.

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