2007 ben marco cab: very good

april 13, 2009: we had the 2007 ben marco cabernet sauvignon from mendoza, argentina, with pasta, ricotta, basil, sweet italian sausage, parmesan, butter and onions. victoria tried the wine by itself after it had been opened for a while, and it was complex, with a slight buttery-ness. she thinks it's not as buttery with the meal but it's heavy enough to hold its own against the heavy italian food. greg thinks it has a mild tannic sensation, not much on the nose, but it is slightly fruity. the flavor is a cherry, with low acidity. victoria really likes it and would get it again. so would greg. this is a 14 percent alcohol. 85 percent cabernet sauvignon, 10 percent merlot, and 5 percent cabernet franc. about $19.

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