2002 Reignac Yves et Stephanie Vatelot: Our first bordeaux, and it was delicious.

may 16, 2009: yet another celebratory wine during this post-graduation weekend in st. louis. victoria thought it had an aromic nose, slightly fruity, with a lingering tannin that announced itself later on in the evening. greg thought it was very smooth, the nose had a faint raisin scent. alan thought it started out with a little acidity, and the tannins were well equilibrated with the wine, slightly tannic but the tannins were smooth. it had some mouth feel that was pleasant, so it was concentrated. it was good by itself or with blue costello blue cheese (which has a creamy, nutty and buttery flavor). he said it would stand the test with any premier cru bordeaux. marie-paule did not complain so it must have been good, she joked.

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