2005 Bennett Family The Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon: An all-around good. We'd get it again.

may 31, 2009: we had this with chicago-style seasoned steak and broccoli. victoria thought it was a perfect mixture of tannins, acidity, sweetness and creaminess ... any of these to excess would make this a bad wine in her opinion, but this one's very balanced. it has a bit of cherry on the nose, but also traces of chocolate and coffee. it's complex, but not in an overpoweringly arrogant way. pretty good for a pick she learned about in a magazine, and now that the steak is done, it's got a relaxed feel in her mouth. greg thought it had some vapors of alcohol at the start of the bottle, so we gave it a chance to breathe. later, he said, it was a very good overall cabernet. it's got a cherry nose, a slight catfood smell, he likes the bayonette on the top of the bottle. he'd get it again. 14.5 percent alcohol. $17.99 with mixed-case discount at big red liquors.

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