2005 Picket Fence Russian River Valley Chardonnay: Decent, Victoria says; Best chard he's had up to this point, according to Greg.

may 11, 2009: we had this with a rosemary seasoned grilled chicken and tomato, mozzarella, basil, olive oil, salt and balsamic vinegar salad. greg really liked it. it was the best chardonnay he's ever had up to this point, he said. victoria wasn't as impressed, mostly because of what she said was a certain level of acidity. there was a definite lemon flavor, she said, though on the good side, it was fruity without being sweet, with a restrained pull toward the grapefruit side of the fruit bowl. the flavor was definitely light and refreshing ... a good warm weather wine, though victoria doesn't think she's a big chardonnay fan. greg said it's got a buttery flavor, with lemon and pear influences. victoria didn't notice the butteryness as much as the acidity. dennis at winetree described it as oaky and woody. he said to tell him what we thought of it (reminder). our first picket fence. 266 barrels produced; 7,000 cases made. 14.5 percent alcohol. about $20.

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