2006 Luigi Bosca Reserva Malbec: Big disappointment considering the price.

may 19, 2009: we had this with pork loins marinated in thyme, garlic, salt and pepper, and with brussel sprouts and sweet onions ala greg. big, big disappointment, especially considering the price tag. we bought it at friar tuck in st. louis despite what was essentially a non-rating at the store. we'd rate it your standard, wallflower malbec ... lacking in personality, and just there to fill up space at the dinner table. victoria thought it had very little nose, with lots of tannin and a slight sourness to the aftertaste. greg thought it was okay, but wasn't worth the $29. it seems more like an $8 or $9 bottle. victoria thinks that with a little bit of distance from the food, it is slightly sweet with a slight peppery-ness, but not enough to create any kind of distinctive flavor. 14 percent alcohol. price already stated.

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