2008 3 Stones Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc: Victoria liked it, Greg: not so much.

may 26, 2009: we had this with a mesclan salad with garlic/dijon mustard vinagrette and oven-melted slivers of goat cheese dipped in thyme/breadcrumbs as a starter. victoria thought it went very well together and was almost sweet against the acidity of the vinagrette. then we had grilled chicken breasts with carrots. it was also a good match. the 3 stones by itself was more grapefruity than victoria would have liked, though it had an aromatic nose like a lot of sauvignon blancs do. greg thought the nose is not as grapefruity as other s.b.'s, but it was fruity. he said it's too acidic for him. victoria can see that. it *is* slightly acidic, but she thinks that effect is minor. the flavor is grassy, slightly sweet. it reminds her of a chardonnay, but it's more effusive in fruitiness than a chard ... and definitely more tolerable. greg, however, just told me "i'm not finishing that." looks like a very distinct line is being drawn in the sand re: s.b.'s. 12.5 percent alcohol. $13.49 at big red liquors with mixed case discount.

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