2008 Agostinos Pinor Noir Bio-Bio Valley Chile: A little better than eh, but not much.

may 5, 2009: we had this with garlic/rosemary/pepper/sea salt marinated chicken, carrots, broccoli and tortellini with garlic tomato sauce. we both agree that it doesn't have much of a nose or a flavor, but it's light, and at the temperature we have it at right now, it's very refreshing. it's not very acidic at cooler temps, but it becomes moreso as it warms in the glass. it also becomes more flavorful and tannic as it warms up, and is a little bitter. greg thinks it has a little alcohol vapor to it. the flavor when you take a sip is slightly tannic; it is very smooth, but it has a little bit of unidentified sweetness. he thinks it's a good wine for a warm summer's day. victoria thinks its flavor is undefined, but it's not too flat. because it doesn't have much of a nose, it doesn't promise too much, which makes it harder to be disappointed. about $13.

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