2005 Old Ghost Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel: Victoria is disappointed; Greg likes it.

june 17, 2009: victoria thinks this wasn't the best pairing with sirloin burgers with sharp chedder, horseradish, garlic salt, salt and pepper. that was a meal she had found on allrecipes.com after a thorough search for the best pairing with a red zin. it was either that or barbecue, and her french background disqualified barbecue ;) this is somewhat disappointing. first of all, it was the most expensive bottle we purchased at big red over the memorial day weekend, so there was a lot of built-up anticipation. the burgers were relatively decent by themselves, but it felt like a travesty to pair them with a $35.09 bottle (with 10 percent case discount purchased at big red liquors.) but no other options presented themselves. by itself, this old ghost -- victoria shrugs her shoulders -- seems to be a typical red zin, with that mustiness she's come to associate with the entire type of grape. it is gentle on her mouth, with a slight peppery-ness that isn't entirely uniform. but she was expecting more complexity for the price. greg said he liked it and that it was a good example of a red zin. 15.5 percent alcohol. price already stated.

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