2006 Guenoc Petite Sirah: Not perfectly matched with this meal, but still good.

june 10, 2009: greg grilled up some pork loins with chicago-style seasoning and prepared a side of rice, mushrooms and broccoli. it wasn't the best pairing, probably because of the garlic and salt on the pork. but: this wine is still good, especially with distance from the meal. victoria says it has a slight chocolate and coffee nose, and a blackberry flavor. heavy on the tannins, this is a good i'm-in-air-conditioning-now wine. it's still a bit creamy, but not in an overly flabby way. greg says the wine doesn't go well with the pork, but he thinks it's carmely, and not much different from earlier tastings of the same wine. it just didn't go well with the dinner. 13.5 percent alcohol. $12.59 with 10-percent big red liquors case discount.

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