2007 Ancient Vines Zinfandel California: The good earth.

june 9, 2010: alright. this is one of those wines that makes you really sense the earth from which it came. real, substantial, with layers of complexity ... subtle cherry nose, with an immediate sweetness followed by thick, heavy strawberries and even more cherry. our second try. it didn't go as well with the sirloin burgers with gorganzola, shaved onions, sage and balsamic vinegar. neither, greg said, did it go very well with his andouille brats. but on its own, which it is now, this is pretty darn good. but an hour later, greg is changing his mind. he says it has a funky aftertaste which he does not like. victoria agrees that it's not as complicated as the first time we had it; but that first time was after it had been opened for a while. 14.5 percent alcohol. $13.49 with 10-percent big red liquors discount.

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