2007 Ancient Vines Zinfandel: Sweeter compared to the Alluvium, but still good.

june 28, 2009: this is a second-bottle after our alluvium (we're celebrating greg's return from canada tonight.) victoria thinks that compared to the alluvium, the cline is sweet and earthy. but greg contests this point, saying he's actually tasted dirt before and doesn't really agree. but victoria says there's something really musty about the cline; it makes her think of how it would smell to be encased in soil, or to be once again in her family's wine cellar in st. jacut, brittany. while greg thinks the alluvium is smoother and a little more developed than the cline, he's still holding off on agreeing about the earthy quality. 14.5 percent alcohol. $13.49 with 10-percent case discount at big red liquors.

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