2007 Cline Cashmere California: Silky, but slightly acidic.Wouldn't get it again.

june 12, 2009: we bought this bottle at the new varsity liquors store that we happened to notice after a movie ("up": excellent!) and chinese food (jimmy jengs, also fantastic) in evansville. the store had a unique collection of wines compared to the other stores here. we chose this bottle because we've had good experiences with two other clines (the mourvedre and the ancient vines zin). this cashmere is a mix of grenache, syrah and mourvedre. victoria thinks the first impression lends itself to a tiny bit of acidity, though on the flip side, it is silky. there is a slight sweetness at the start of the sip, but it subsides relatively quickly. she'd say it's a 3 on the 1 to 5 acidity scale (5 being so acidic it's undrinkable), with slight tannins. the acidity pulls at the tip of her tongue. as it warms up/aerates in the glass, it seems to break apart a bit, as if it's becoming a little more comfortable in its new surroundings. victoria thinks this wine would do well to be opened a while before it finds itself in her glass again ... and a while later, the nose is fruitier. greg thinks it has a carmel/raisin nose. he agrees it's a little acidic; he thinks it would go very well with a steak. with a little bit of time on the clock, greg said it has gotten better. he said it's lost that raisin scent, and that it's definitely a more complex wine in that it leans toward an evolution of sorts. now we both agree that it's become a little tart. 14.5 percent alcohol. $13.99.
UPDATE: we had what was left of this a couple days later, in preparation for an earthquake petite sirah and lamb dish. greg thinks it's a good wine, his impressions were the same two nights later as they were the first time we tried it. victoria thought it was definitely more mellow on a second try ... still silky, but less acidic and tart. we had a balsamic vinegar lamb recipe reducing on the stove in the kitchen the whole time she was drinking it, so she thinks that affected her sense of the flavor of the wine. it seemed better this time than the first time.

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