2007 La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir: Slightly sweet, low acidity, mellow. Victoria would get it again. Greg said it was hard to tell.

june 7, 2009: we had this with salmon marinated in soy sauce and brown sugar, and a side of red potatoes. this wasn't the best pairing, surprisingly. we think it was because of the wine's minimal sweetness, because together, the wine came off a bit raisin-y, probably because of the brown sugar in the marinade. but by itself, and distanced from the salmon, victoria said this is a good, low-acid drinking wine, a bit creamy and smooth, and not acidically harsh like some other pinot noirs we've had (victoria is thinking of the boxcar in particular). she says it's a 1 on the 1-5 acidity scale (with 5 being so acidic it's undrinkable). victoria says she would get this wine again, though preferably not paired with this particular salmon marinade. greg is not commenting since he had a good amount of scotch the night before, and that is affecting his impression of the flavor of the pinot. 13.9 percent alcohol. about $21 with big red's 10 percent mixed-case discount.

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