2008 Crios de Susana Balbo Malbec Medoza: A good, low-tannin malbec. We'd get it again.

june 11, 2009: victoria picked this up at wine tree a week ago. it was highly recommended there, and purchasing it was partly a test of those "highly recommended" slips that are placed below certain wines. we both like it. victoria thinks it's light, very fruity, with a somewhat musty nose but a blueberry flavor that isn't overpowering. the tannin is mild. greg thinks it has that cat food smell to it, but it's fruity; the scent reminds him a little of cotton candy. we matched it with grilled turkey burgers mixed with carrots and green peppers, gorgonzola cheese and mushrooms. this pairing mellows out the wine, pushing the tannins off the palate to make room for a softer, creamier flavor -- from both the wine and the burgers. it reminds victoria of the gascon malbec. it's very drinkable, the type of wine you'd want to accompany you to an uninhibited place. 13.8 percent alcohol. $13.99 at wine tree.

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