our favorites so far ...

june 12, 2009: after about five months of studies, discussion led to our favorites so far.

greg said his favorite cab is the knights valley beringer, and as for malbecs, it's the gascon, montes or the crios. the bogle red zin was meatier than the cline red zin, but he also liked the cline. of what he can remember, he said he liked the kim crawford pinot noir.

his intense dislikes are any sauvignon blancs. he promises that as of today's date, he hates s.b.'s (spitting sound is almost audible even on here). and he's not a big fan of chardonnays, either. he also loathes the oliver winery white zin.

victoria said her favorite cabs so far are the bennett family, the louis m. martini napa valley and the beringer knights valley. malbecs: gascon, crios. red zin: cline. pinot noir: la crema, mueller. sauvignon blanc: vavasour, spy valley.

her intense dislikes are chards. she hasn't had any that she's liked so far, other than a white burgundy from 1990.

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