2005 Domaine du Dragon Cuvee Saint-Michel: Good, solid, smooth. We'd get this again.

july 26, 2009: we had this with a starter of homegrown mr. stripey tomatoes and a gift of a better boy tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, sea salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. victoria thought that pairing wasn't ideal with this wine. but when we got to the chicago-style seasoned grilled steak and the carrots, the combination was very good. greg thinks the nose is a little sweet and sour and floral, and the flavor has a hint of cherry. he said you can definitely tell it has cabernet in it. victoria likes this wine. the nose reminds her of the scent of plums, and the mouth feel is smooth with very slight acidity. the flavor is hard to describe, but it's good enough to want to try again. and again. 13.4 percent alcohol. $18.99 at big red liquors in bloomington.

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  1. Passes the "would get it again" test; the ultimate question in a wine review!