2008 Tres Ojos Garnacha Tempranillo Rose: Greg likes it. Victoria is not so sure.

june 13, 2009: we had this rose (i can't figure out how to do the accent on the "e" for what should be pronounced "rose-ay") with grilled pork, rice, carrots and broccoli. greg had chilled it to about 45 degrees. victoria thinks that was a little too cold to experience this wine, which seems to have a more floral nose as it warms up in the glass. greg said this spanish wine from the aragon region is a good hot-day wine. the nose is not that strong, but it's a rose, and he doesn't know if roses have strong noses. the nose is slightly fruity and has a catfood scent to it. he said a simple swirl of the glass enunciates the floral scent. the flavor is smooth, slightly sweet, with a minor bitterness. he said this is a good summer wine. greg said most of the roses he's had have been bitter, but this is one of the best roses that he's had. he said he had a cline rose at his grandfather's cabin with rob williamson, and he remembers that wine being sweeter, but he'd like to try the cline again to make sure. victoria said everything about this wine seems muted: the nose, which is pinched with floral scents; and then the flavor, which is abruptly chilled, with an edge of bitterness. this seems like a wine that needs to allow itself to relax. greg said i was "mean," we laughed. "too bitter?" "i don't see how you can see that, the sauvignon blancs are so damn bitter, just the grapefruit!" "taste buds are funky." all quotes, all things greg said :) he's probably going to kill me.

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