1989 Domaine du Vieux Telegraph Chateauneuf du Pape: Better than the Gardine, with a good nose.

sept. 20, 2009: when we started to *really* drink this wine, it was paired with a colorful collage of foods that alan marty had gathered from local asian markets: japanese sweet potatoes, eggplant, a phallic mushroom, sweet peas and duck breast. this wine had a good nose, but it was subtle in flavor. it was as if it didn't want to overwhelm the meal itself. alan said this wine was superb and complex, with an excellent nose. gardar loved it, too, as did marie-paule and teddy. this one definitely had less sediment than the chateau de la gardine. average current-day price of $112, according to snooth.com. photo unavailable.

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