2004 Chateau Mas Neuf: Too temperature-sensitive.

aug. 23, 2009: we had this with chicago-style grilled steak and potatoes au gratin with blue cheese. when we opened it, it was so acidic that we thought it was a bad bottle. so we opened the 2006 domaine du dragon that we had had before, and the difference was obvious. the dragon was just as smooth and balanced as we remembered. then greg thought to chill the mas neuf, and that really made a difference. chilled, it had a stronger nose and was much less acidic. you could finally feel the tannic dryness against your tongue and the sides of your mouth. we chilled the dragon, too, but it didn't seem as temperature-dependent as the mas neuf. the mas neuf is best between 60.8 and 64.4 degrees and has a strong cherry flavor. the dragon is the wine we would get again if forced to choose between the two of these. it is much less sensitive to temperature and is more flexible regardless of the season. the dragon was $17.09 at big red liquors with 10 percent case discount. the mas neuf was $17.99 (same place, same discount).

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