2004 Evans and Tate Margaret River Shiraz: Wonderful!

sept. 25, 2009: victoria whipped up a meal of grilled pork loins seasoned with garlic salt and st. louis-style peppery mustard, and steamed potatoes from nancy and fred's garden. she chilled this southwest australian shiraz in the freezer for about 25 minutes, then poured the first jammy glass. it was instant blackberry, smooth, cool, a fruit explosion. shirazes really do it, in terms of getting her to experience the wine ... here the texture and flavor and temperature all coalesce into one very fine experience, at least in this case. as it warms up in the glass, the tannins are more pronounced, and there is almost a thick line of bitterness drawn in the back of the mouth. it's not so overwhelming that you wouldn't want to drink it; rather, it's merely a trail that lets you know you just took a long, careful sip of something quite good. we'd get this again. 15.4 percent alcohol. $17.99 at winetree.

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