2008 Jean Reverdy et Fils La Reine Blanche Sancerre

aug. 21, 2009: we had this with monstrous lobsters from the asian market next to the vietnamese restaurant. don't tell anyone, but these were only $8 per pound, and even with that price we still got a deal -- they should have been $8.50 per pound, which is still much cheaper than elsewhere. total, these two lobsters were 10 pounds, and one had a claw the size of victoria's hand. we paired them with this sancerre. at first sip, victoria thought it was grassy and lemony, with definite acidity. it went very well with the richness and butteryness of the lobster, which wasn't that sweet this time (but it had a good solid salty flavor since we boiled it in layers and layers of sea salt.) greg enjoyed the sancerre. he was expecting the grapefruity-ness of a sauvignon blanc and was pleased that it didn't have any of that. $17.99 at big red liquors with 10 percent case discount.

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