2007 Man Vintners Shiraz: Lighter than the Dead Letter Office, but still good.

sept. 13, 2009: this was our (rare) second bottle of the evening. immediately after the dead letter office, this south african shiraz was almost watery. but with some distance, it became clear that it was just as fruity, but with a different flair. it was lighter, looser, and more laid back. but it was also smooth and is a good summer wine, with less crispness than the dead letter office. victoria said it was somewhat creamy. greg said it had the tannic scent, and it's a hint more bitter at the beginning. he said it mellowed out after we first opened it. the grapes for this shiraz came from un-irrigated vineyards in the agter-paarl area north of cape town, which is about 15-25 kilometers from the atlantic ocean. these grapes were also co-fermented with a small portion of viognier grapes to lift the aromatics of the wine and soften the tannins, according to the MAN Vintners web site. 14 percent alcohol. $6.99 from friar tuck in st. louis (with five percent case discount).

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