2004 Premius Bordeaux Merlot Cabernet: Gentle, light on flavor.

oct. 14, 2009: we had this grand vin de bordeaux with leftover grilled chicken and broccoli, and what was left of the harissa from last week. greg said it's a gentle soul, with a slight alcohol vapor in the nose yet nonetheless fruity all the same. he said it's mildly tannic, yet also smooth. victoria agreed that it displays some tannins, but it's smooth and near creamy, too. she doesn't think it has much flavor. that could be because she's fighting a sore throat. she said it's not a bad bottle; she's just not sure she'd get it again. it's also interesting how this bordeaux could be so smooth but also have so much tannin as it warms up in the glass. it's been aged in oak barrels. 60 percent merlot, 35 percent cabernet sauvignon and 5 percent cabernet franc. 13 percent alcohol. $11.99 with 5 percent mixed-case discount at friar tuck liquors in st. louis.

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