2007 Pascal Jolivet Sancerre: Victoria liked it, Greg not so much

oct. 27, 2009: we had this frenchman with scamp that greg's brother mike purchased for us in florida (and that his brother chris drove up for us on his way back to bloomington, ind.) greg seasoned this particular white fish with mediterranean spiced sea salt (a mixture of garlic, basil and oregano), and we had it with steamed broccoli and white rice. oh my gosh this was the best fish we've had in a long, long time! we forgot to take a picture, it was so good! the sancerre was well matched, victoria thought. it was crisp, light, with a good, clean flavor that was hardly acidic and easily drinkable, with slight honey tones. but greg didn't like it; he thought it was tolerable with a good mouthful of salt from the fish, but otherwise, he said it had too much grapefruit. that's his typical complaint about sauvignon blancs, which this is. the pascal jolivet domaine covers 49.50 acres in sancerre, with vineyards close to the villages of bue, verdigny and ste. gemme, according to the label. the sauvignon blanc grapes are produced in soils composed of 50 percent limestone, 30 percent chalky clay and 20 percent flint. this is 12.5 percent alcohol. victoria purchased it at varsity liquors in evansville months ago (the original plan was to match it with some boiled lobster) but doesn't remember the price; on snooth.com, it's $24.99.

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