2007 Schmitt Sohne Piesporter Michelsburg Mosel Riesling: Great pairing!

oct. 18, 2009: we had this 2007 schmitt sohne piesporter michelsburg mosel riesling with indian chicken with yogurt sauce (via http://www.recipleased.com/2008/08/indian-chicken-with-yogurt-sauce/ and coconut jasmine rice (via http://www.toomanychefs.net/archives/001418.php). it's been some time since we bought it, so we don't remember the price, but it's about $8 online according to various sites. the plan was to have a 2008 angeline pinot noir if the riesling turned out badly, but it actually went well with the meal. victoria thought the riesling had flavors of pear and apple, and it was also light and crisp. it really enhanced the flavor of the chicken. she had forgotten that she liked rieslings so much. greg really liked it and said it was fruity. he also thought it went well with the meal. for more information on deciphering german wine labels, visit: http://www.snooth.com/articles/commentary/deciphering-german-wine-labels-x


  1. Clearly, I should not read your posts when I'm hungry. Excellent descriptions on these wines and how they pair with food. You've kind of tempted me on this riesling even though I really don't do white wines anymore. It's great to see all the different wines and I want to commend both of you on your blog. Now, if you would only get a Total Wine & More in E'ville, you'd be in your heyday :)

  2. thanks jeans :) yeah, we'd forgotten about rieslings for a while. we'd had this piesporter for at least a couple of years. i'm glad it was stored well enough to still be tasty for this meal. greg and i were talking about exploring rieslings again tonight. i'll let you know what we find out.