2002 Orin Swift Prisoner: Soft, gentle, berry-filled and exquisite.

nov. 20, 2009: this was victoria's birthday weekend, and to celebrate we went out for dinner at madeleine's in evansville. we weren't sure what to order, or what wine to select, even though we had glanced at the menu/wine list previously via http://madeleinesfusion.com/menu/wine.html (which is supposed to change weekly, but doesn't really). in the end, we chose the foie gras and the crab cakes as starters, blue cheese wedge salad and goat cheese/pecans salad, then the venison and the rack of lamb. to match our entrees, we wanted to get a zinfandel. on a whim, we chose the 2002 prisoner from napa valley. from the start it was delicious. we both thought it really shone by itself, though of the two entrees, it was best paired with the lamb. at the restaurant it was $50 for the bottle. on http://www.snooth.com/, it was $20. we'd like to get this again, though according to snooth, it is out of stock. understandably so.

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