2006 Domaine de Couron Merlot: Greg likes it, Victoria has more of an 'eh' reaction

nov. 9, 2009: we had this vin de pays des coteaux de l'ardeche with grilled chicken prepared with a recipe via http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Herb-Fryer-Chicken/Detail.aspx, steamed red potatoes and broccoli. greg said he really likes this wine and that he would definitely get it again. he likes its gentle flavor. but victoria was not as impressed. she said the nose improved as it warmed up, and toward the end of the meal the scent approximated crayons. but she said the flavor was somewhat bland -- almost like eating paper -- though she could feel the tannins and taste a minor amount of acidity. she doesn't seem to like merlots that much so far; greg, however, really likes them. this grilled chicken recipe was very good, by the way. it was light and fresh and we'd make it again, definitely. also, we started the meal with cheese and bread, and the two types of blue cheese (castello and saga) stood out as being very good paired with the wine. (dessert tonight were poires helene, which is a recipe victoria found in "the joy of cooking." basically, it's homemade poached pears on a bed of vanilla ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce. didn't go with the wine, but it was perfect with the cognac we had, and in the chocolate sauce the cognac was tablespooned into.) 14.5 percent alcohol. $9.99 with 5 percent mixed-case discount at friar tuck beverage in st. louis.

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