2008 Angeline Pinot Noir: More acidic than Victoria remembers.

nov. 8, 2009: we had this californian from santa rosa with a new salmon recipe at http://www.sippitysup.com/searedsalmon, steamed red potatoes and arugala with olive oil, sea salt and freshly cracked pepper. this recipe was very subtly flavored; greg thinks we may need to add more chili pepper to the marinade next time, and to really push it within the depths of the salmon filet before we grill it. still, it was good, what victoria calls a light, easy meal. the angeline was, victoria says, a little acidic, with a pinched cherry flavor, but still a manageable pinot. we first had this at a restaurant in clayton, mo., during our anniversary weekend, and we picked up a bottle at friar tuck liquors in st. louis the next day. greg thinks the nose is very fruity, it has a little tannin scent (he can always spot this), the flavor is cherry, slightly sweet, it is a 2 on the 1-5 tannin scale (with 5 being so tannic it's undrinkable). greg said he could drink another bottle of this. we also had this pinot with two types of blue cheese: blue castello, and saga. in both cases, the cheese made the angeline seem sweeter. 13.2 percent alcohol. $11.99 with 5 percent mixed-case discount at friar tuck.

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