Banana smoothie: Decent. No wine this time.

nov. 27, 2009: victoria made this smoothie recipe after she ran a 5K in henderson thanksgiving morning. we had two bananas that were starting to show some brown spots and wanted to use them up before they went totally bad. the recipe was relatively decent; she used two bananas instead of one and put an extra half teaspoon of vanilla extract in the mix. it wasn't as sweet as she had hoped for, but that's okay; it was still a refreshing treat on this thanksgiving morning. http://housewares.about.com/gi/rating/reviews.htm?bvv=-2&bvid=5c13LhO000IU&u=%2fod%2frecipes%2fr%2fsprsimplsmoothi%2ehtm&t=Super%20Simple%20Banana%20Smoothie%20Recipe

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