Glazed strawberries: Excellent! No wine this time.

nov. 15, 2009: victoria made glazed strawberries by boiling sugar, corn syrup and water to 300 degrees (the hard-crack stage). this has been a long-time goal of hers. she was concerned initially because heating sugar that hot can cause serious burns, but there weren't any problems. plus, it was easy to clean the candy thermometer and the non-stick pot by just soaking them in cold water. the only problem with this recipe is that we were supposed to eat them within 1-2 hours of making them, and since we only have one working stovetop burner big enough to accomodate that particular pan, it was kind of culinary traffic jam. http://candy.about.com/od/fruitcandy/r/glazed_sberries.htm.
following with the fruit theme, victoria later made blackberry-glazed pork medallions. there was one major difference between this recipe and what actually happened. while the pork loins were well flavored, the ones she used were thicker than the recipe called for and she now thinks she should have cooked them at a lower temperature for more time. we'd make it again, with some adjustments, via http://www.cdkitchen.com/recipes/recs/561/Blackberry-Glazed-Pork-Medalli94809.shtml no photos available, unfortunately.

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