2006 Justification from Justin Vineyards: Too tightly wound.

dec. 24, 2005: we wanted a special meal this christmas eve. so we thawed some prime rib steaks and popped open this justification, which we were both excited about. greg had purchased this paso robles at varsity liquors, the newish liquor store in town with a good variety of wines. victoria thought this californian was, at first, like a closely clenched fist -- very uptight, and not very expressive in flavor or nose. it did relax a little as the evening continued, however. when first uncorked, this justification had wafts of alcohol, but it mellowed to be more fruity. in terms of mouth feel, the tannins developed with decanting. victoria thinks this is a wine that might do well cellared for a few years -- it feels and tastes too young to be opened now. greg thinks it has a fruity nose. and drinking it, it at first tastes sweet. but then it follows with a bitterness like green peppers do ... and it's primary grape is cabernet franc (63 percent) and then merlot (37 percent), so that makes sense. as a pairing with the chicago-seasoned steak, greg said it was a good match. he said it "cut like a knife" against the rich fat of the bone and prime rib steak. victoria noticed this, but she wasn't as impressed with the flavor pairing. it might have helped if we had decanted it for a couple hours before drinking it ... more than $50. with sides of steamed red potatoes and broccoli. 15 percent alcohol.

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