2008 Perrin Reserve Cotes du Rhone: Decent. But Greg likes it.

dec. 20, 2009: we had this orange, france, perrin reserve cotes du rhone specimen with frozen scallops in an herb sauce and red potatoes, both of which were steamed. (the scallops weren't that good: no surprise). victoria thought this bottle was smooth, and it had a decent honey-lemon nose, but otherwise it wasn't very distinctive and she wouldn't get it again. but greg liked it. he said it had a little body to it and that it went well with the seafood. he thought it had a little peach flavor to it (like the bottle label described ... sometimes it helps to have a word thrown in front of you, he said). we also had this with compte swiss cheese, which was a better pairing, victoria thought. the fatness of the cheese was cut by the incisiveness of the wine. 13 percent alcohol. $9.99 with 10-percent case discount at big red liquors in bloomington, ind.

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