2004 Loose End Barossa Shiraz Viognier: Good!

jan. 8, 2010: we had this south australian with venison (he shot a button buck) greg marinated in some thawed mr. stripey tomato sauce that we had canned two years ago. the meal was delicious, and very well paired against this shiraz. greg really liked this wine, which was 97 percent shiraz and 3 percent viognier. he said it has a tannic/raisin nose, with minor alcohol vapors; the flavor has a hint of cherry, and toward the end of the mouth experience is a slight dryness that leads to a tightening of the throat. victoria said the nose is somewhat sweet, almost leathery. the flavor is both smooth and roughly tannic; as the temperature of the wine warms, the tannins increase. she said this shiraz/viognier has a slight bitterness toward the end, which seems to be relatively common in terms of her shiraz experiences. paired with the venison greg made, the wine sweetens and smooths out. it's not as jammy as some other shirazes we've had, though. this wine also has sediment. greg said he would get this wine again. 14.2 percent alcohol. $19.99 at winetree.

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