2005 Langtry Serpentine Guenoc Valley Petite Sirah: A serious wine.

jan. 30, 2010: victoria prepared a chuck roast with cardamon, garlic salt and cracked black pepper via http://www.tammysrecipes.com/easy_chuck_roast, mashed potatoes with heavy cream, butter and garlic salt, and steamed carrots. we had it with this californian, which comes from a vineyard that also produces the guenoc. we decanted this. victoria thought this was a wonderfully serious wine. it had a blackberry nose and slight black pepper, with slight tannins to the texture. the flavor matches the nose. greg said it's a bit acidic, but still smooth. he said it's a little sharp to his tongue. we both agreed that this petite sirah goes well with the black pepper in the roast. victoria said she'd like to get two more bottles of this wine to store in alan's cellar. 14.5 percent alcohol. about $39 at varsity liquors.
update: victoria bought two more bottles at varsity liquors and is storing them in alan's cellar.

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