2006 Paul Jaboulet Aine Parallele "45" Cotes du Rhone: Greg liked it, Victoria not that impressed.

jan. 23, 2010: greg prepared venison/beef patties that he grilled with slivers of cheddar and that he served with onion buns. he cooled this grenache/syrah blend of a cotes du rhone to 48 degrees, which was too cold. but he said when he first opened the bottle, it had a very sweet nose and flavor. he liked it at this temperature, but victoria thought the nose and flavor improved as it warmed up. it is supposed to be between 60-64 degrees. victoria said it had a coffee nose, while greg could smell the tannins. victoria said the tannins were more pronounced as it warmed up, though this wine was also mildly acidic and sour. 13.5 percent alcohol. $12.59 (with 10-percent half-case discount) at varsity liquors.
photo credit: awineaweek.blogspot.com

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