2007 Bridlewood Reserve Central Coast Viognier: We both liked it.

jan. 8, 2010: i prepared butternut squash-filled ravioli and citris-ginger chicken from scratch. whew! it was a full but very fun afternoon in the kitchen.

we paired this with this viognier, which is our first known experience with this type of grape. greg liked this wine. he said he was, at first, unimpressed by what he felt was an extreme dryness. that was largely because it had been refrigerated for several hours before being opened. paired with the butternut squash ravioli, he said it was too cold to appreciate the squash-viognier combination. but as the wine warmed up, he said it became more expressive. greg said the nose had hints of raisins and grapefruit. and tasting it, he said it was sweet like honey; the dryness had disappeared. as it warmed up even more, though, he said the wine became more acidic. i thought this viognier wasn't bad. but it made me think of a muted sauvignon blanc in both flavor and nose. the flavor had hints of lemon. but it also had a tentative chalkiness that prevented the citrus from coming on too strong. this was after the wine had warmed up from being in the refrigerator. 14.5 percent alcohol. $21.39 at varsity liquors. (cheaper than at schnucks, which had it for about $22, before tax.)
the meal, by the way, was a bit of a comedic disaster. everything went perfectly until i piled the homemade ravioli on a big plate and then covered it with saran wrap. the thinking was that that would prevent the ravioli from becoming too dry before boiling it, but what ended up happening was that the ravioli all stuck together in the warmer kitchen. it had to be plopped into the pot of very salty water all at once! in terms of flavor, though, the butternut squash puree turned out *very* well. it's a puree we will make again. the pasta was fun to make and to roll through the cuisinart attachment, but next time, it would be better to make the pasta thinner before pinching it closed around the puree.
the chicken, too, got burnt on our new gas grill. as a result, the flavor was somewhat muted. but i thought that, paired with this viognier, the two complimented each other. we'd like to try this meal again, hopefully without the humorous disaster sequence. it was a full afternoon of work, and it was an equally fun process. next time, though, calls for a lower grill temp and some flour amongst the pile of ravioli!

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