2007 Chateau Pesquie: New vintage for us, and still good.

jan. 8, 2010: this was our (lately rare) second bottle of the evening. greg said this rhone valley vineyards selection still has the cherry flavor of the 2006 vintage. but this was a 3 on the 1-5 acidity scale. he said it's also mildly metallic in flavor, which might be a function of his taste buds today (he said he's been feeling a bit off since this morning.) victoria said she can feel the tannins, which push the flavors forward on her tongue, making them more pronounced. she said it's easily drinkable, slightly peppery ... an undifficult wine, very likable. greg got six bottles of this wine as a gift from alan for christmas. 14 percent alcohol.
photo credit: www.zelas.co.uk

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