2008 Orin Swift Prisoner: Jammy!

jan. 10, 2010: greg prepared a venison roast and we decided to try three different wines when we invited victoria's parents over for dinner. the roast turned out wonderfully: greg had shot this button buck himself, and victoria helped him skin it (though he, rob brown and brian fribley did most of the work). greg marinated the venison in buttermilk for at least 12 hours, then he rubbed it with fresh vanilla beans, cinnamon and crystalized ginger. he pan seared it, then baked it at a low temperature.

the first bottle we opened was the 2008 prisoner, a blend of zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon, syrah, petit sirah, charbono and grenache, according to http://www.orinswift.com/. we had had the 2002 prisoner at madeline's in november, and that vintage was gentle, soft and luxurious in texture. this bottle of napa valley goodness was pure jamminess. at 15.2 percent alcohol, it was also a direct hit to the head :) we all really enjoyed it and finished it quickly. this bottle was in the $30-$39.99 range. greg bought it at wine tree.
photo credit: volunteer.blogs.com

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