2005 Kamen Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon: Tightly wound, too young.

feb. 13, 2010: we had this with the caymus (see below post) and were also not impressed, though it was a better bottle than the napa valley speciman. victoria said it was tightly wound, with a nose of berries, caramel and chocolate, but was very tannic and had to be decanted for some time before it was more drinkable. greg said this cab has definitely not devolved as the 1990 caymus has. it still smells like cabernet, but it's almost too young. the nose is almost like pure alcohol, and the flavor is bitter. victoria was more unwilling to give up on this wine, saying it may need to be decanted for longer than it has been. 14.9 percent alcohol. $80 at varsity liquors.
UPDATE: after keeping it in the decanter overnight, we had this on sunday night. no dramatic improvement.

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