2006 Beringer Napa Valley Vineyards Merlot: Good value.

feb. 7, 2010: as the colts vs. saints played in the background, we paired this with a roasted duck recipe via http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/reviews/Crisp-Roast-Duck-235744 that we'd change to 30 minutes the first side, another 30 the next, and then 15 more for a total of 1:15 in the actual oven (the skin wasn't crispy enough with the original recipe, which we made in the stand-alone oven, though the flavor turned out well. the original recipe had the duck turn to 175 degrees after only 1:10 in the stand-alone oven, which was 10 degrees above what was necessary). we also had homemade garlic salt mashed potatoes, and leftover carrots and green beans.

victoria thought the nose on this napa valley was chocolate and berry, while the taste was full flavored and fruity, with a good amount of tannins. greg said this wine was initially acidic before we decanted it. later, he said the nose was blueberry, and he could smell the tannins. with more decanting, this merlot had a carmel nose, with a smooth and slightly sweet and then sour flavor (though not in a bad way), he said. greg added that it reminded him of a cabernet sauvignon, and victoria agreed. 14.3 percent alcohol. about $16 at schnucks.

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