2006 Justin Cabernet Sauvignon: Very, very good, and not that pricey.

feb. 20, 2010: greg seared the backstrap of the button buck he shot in the fall and covered it with blueberry gravy he made from scratch (this one was definitely worth preparing again!) earlier, we stopped by winetree to purchase some wines. he bought two bottles: this paso robles, calif., and a durigutti bonarda (we'll get to that later.)

greg loved the justin. he said he had no complaints. the nose was almost carmely, slightly tannic, with a fruity nose. he said it's very smooth and went well with the venison. he said the flavor was almost black currant. victoria said the nose was carmel and of crayons (oddly, kind of like the bogle phantom, though they are different varietals.) the texture had slight tannins, with a fruity flavor and minor earthiness. it's definitely worth the price and much better than the justification we had on christmas eve. it also has some slight cinnamon to the end. 14.5 percent alcohol. about $27.

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