2006 Oberon Cabernet Sauvignon: A second- or third-tier wine (not so good).

feb. 5, 2010: when first opened, this napa valley cab was definitely acidic. we decanted it, but that didn't seem to help it much. victoria said it was definitely a very tannic wine. the nose was round, with berries, but the flavor was non-existent. greg said the flavor was sour, while the nose was tannic with lots of alcohol vapor. victoria said she was glad this wasn't the main wine of the evening. greg said a steak might have mellowed out this cab, since the richness of the steak might have counterbalanced the acidity. neither of us want to get this wine again. we think this oberon is one of varsity liquors' via http://www.facebook.com/pages/Evansville-IN/Varsity-Liquors-Evansville/196464046283?v=wall marketing ploys, since this $15 or so bottle was placed with the $30-$40 bottles (which are near a heater, oddly enough.) 13.7 percent alcohol. photo credit: http://www.wine.com/.

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