2007 Argyle Pinot Noir: Silky and flavorful. Definitely a good find!

feb. 28, 2010: victoria had bought this willamette valley, ore., pinot a couple of weeks previously at winetree. she was nervous about it, since other pinots we've had have been acidic and very tempermental in terms of food pairings. but this bottle turned out wonderfully.

she paired it with a salmon recipe whose prime ingredients were oranges and dill via http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Roasted-Salmon-with-Orange-Herb-Sauce-102205, russian (red creamer) potatoes with dill and garlic via http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1846,138163-228202,00.html and freshly steamed asparagus. these were very good on their own. victoria thought the salmon recipe was one of the best salmon recipes we've made, mostly because it was still possible to get a good sense of the salmon itself, which was not overwhelmed by the orange juice and scallions.

greg was suffering from the beginnings of a sinus infection, so while he liked the meal and the wine, he was not as able to distinguish the flavors of the pinot. victoria wasn't, either: this oregon pinot was actually hard to pin down. it was medium-bodied, smooth, hardly acidic at all, and had hints of almost cranberry and cherry -- without being bland. it was really one of the better pinot noirs we've had, which may be because of the price (around $28). other pinots we've had have been in the under-$20 range and very acidic. but not this one, which we'd definitely get again. it helps that this wine was ranked 90 on wine spectator. 14 percent alcohol.

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