2007 The Black Chook Shiraz-Viognier: Greg liked it, Victoria thought it ended bitterly

feb. 19, 2010: this mclaren vale australian was paired with macaroni victoria covered with sage buttered bread crumbs and butter. greg brought out the rest of the gorgonzola we got at the italian grocery store in newburgh, and that match was best against this 95 percent shiraz, 5 percent viognier.

greg liked it. he said the nose was mildly tannic, while the flavor was sweet with a dry, tannic feeling and a slight bitterness toward the end. overall, he said, it was a good wine. victoria said this had strong alcohol vapors, with a deep, dark magenta tone. the flavor was almost like cranberry without the sweetness, with a good amount of tannins. it wasn't that sweet and ended with strong bitterness. she wasn't sure she would get this again, though greg said he would.

ben riggs was the winemaker. 15 percent alcohol. about $19 at winetree.

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