2008 Cave de Pomerols Hugues de Beauvignac Coteaux du Languedoc Picpoul-de-Pinet: Refreshing.

feb. 7, 2010: we opted for a 12.5 percent alcohol wine as our follow-up super bowl smile, having considered a bogle phantom, montes malbec and even an argyle pinot noir. sitting in front of the tv, this is truly a relaxing evening, just spending time together as the dogs sleep nearby.
as for this languedoc, greg liked it. he said the nose was slightly citrus, with a hint of cut grass. the flavor was a bit sour or orange, but the texture was smooth and gentle. it kind of reminded him of a sauvignon blanc, except there was no grapefruit. victoria thought this was a good second-bottle wine, light on flavor though the nose was, agreeably, citrus in nature. the flavor was somewhat lemon in a refreshing kind of way. she could see how this might be a good summer wine. about $8 at big red liquors in bloomington.

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