Ezra B. Hot Toddy: Another good one, especially for congestion.

feb. 28, 2010: greg was nice enough to buy victoria her own ezra b. whisky just so she could make her own hot toddy, which was, tonight, especially helpful. congestion = a darned hard thing to get over. here's the recipe, one of the best things ever, via http://www.drinkstreet.com/searchresults.cgi?drinkid=1063:
1 ounces Whiskey; 1 ounce Honey; 1/3 ounce Lemon Juice; 3 ounces Water (Hot)
If you have a microwave, the easiest way to make this drink is to warm the honey and lemon juice for about half a minute and then to add hot water and the whiskey. Otherwise, we recommend that you stir the honey and lemon juice into extremely warm water, allow it to cool slightly, and add the whiskey.

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