2008 Mollydooker Two Left Feet Shiraz: Split ruling.

feb. 15, 2010: victoria bought a boneless pork roast at the newburgh butcher shop on sunday. we decided to use a lime-garlic recipe via http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Slow-Roasted-Pork-with-Lime-Mojo-102862 and to marinate it overnight on sunday.

on monday, we paired it with the rest of the stump jump shiraz and a freshly opened bottle of 2008 mollydooker's two left feet (sarah and sparky marquis) shiraz. greg said the mollydooker was too concentrated for him and that it needs to air out more. it had an alcohol vapor but a sweet nose. if it mellowed out more, he said it would definitely be a good jammy wine. he said it did mellow a bit through the evening but it was slightly bitter. victoria said she got the black currant nose. it was fruity, smooth and had a concentrated flavor with slight tannins. this was a hit-you-hard wine, something to have fun with but that you could also take seriously. 16 percent alcohol. south australia. 68 percent shiraz, 17 percent merlot, 15 percent cabernet sauvignon. produced and bottled in mclaren vale. $20 range at winetree.

UPDATE: we finished the mollydooker on tuesday night. greg was hoping it would open up more, but he was disappointed. victoria thought the nose leaned toward tar. this was definitely an inky wine.
ANOTHER UPDATE: we heard from the mollydooker team via email, and apparently the best way to enjoy this wine is after "the mollydooker shake." for more info, check out http://www.mollydookerwines.com/web/mollydooker_shake.cfm. the reason has to do with the nitrogen in the wine. it's a great video.


  1. Hi Greg and Victoria,
    Love your quirky blog and the idea behind it.
    Thank you for featuring Mollydooker and for your feedback. When reading your post it got me thinking, did you do the Mollydooker Shake? It's the best way to prepare our wines for drinking! Opens up the flavour profile.
    Feel free to check out our website - www.mollydookerwines.com.
    If we can help you any further or even if you plan a trip 'down under' please get in touch, we would love to see you - helpinghand@mollydookerwines.com .
    The Mollydooker Team

  2. thanks so much for your comments! we really appreciate it. we will try the shake next time; the nitrogen vs. sulfites is a very interesting concept. victoria loves shiraz so we are always willing to give them a try. also, we loved your video -- and we'll definitely stop by your winery when we make it to australia.