2005 Christian Moueix Medoc: Eh.

may 23, 2010: we were waiting to try this, having heard good things about medoc from a trusted source. but this particular bottle, purchased at varsity liquors, was not that impressive. we decanted this. victoria thought it had a coffee and berry nose, and was very tannic, with slight acidity/bitterness. greg said the nose was fruity, but the flavor was light and didn't have much there. he thought it was also somewhat sour. this was a blend of cabernet sauvignon (50 percent), merlot (30), cabernet franc (15) and petit verdot (5). it was bottled by jean-pierre moueix vineyards in gironde, france.

we paired it with grilled chicken breasts that we marinated in some leftover beefstock, fresh thyme, green onions, sea salt, fresh sage, fresh rosemary, white onions and canola oil. we let that marinate for about 45 minutes, and we steamed some carrots. we also had some leftover mashed turnips with bacon that we had made the night before, and miniature summer squash we had purchased at the first-annual farmers market in downtown evansville (seasoned with a south african sauvignon blanc, rosemary, thyme, garlic salt and crushed garlic). the chicken was tender and moist, though lightly flavored. we could have added more salt to the mix, and possibly marinated it for longer than 45 minutes.

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